New Release 18 August 2023

Mankind has always been fascinated by extraterrestrial danger, just think of "War of the Worlds", "The Body Snatchers Are Coming" or "Alien". But the real danger comes from goats from the planet GoatEborg! The inventors of the Goatgrind return to remind humanity that it is in a permanent state of subjugation.The fact that MILKING THE GOATMACHINE musically shaves the fan razor-sharp with this “convulsing concept album about nonsense” is made clear by the symbolic title "Neue Platte" and the matching cover artwork („Platte“ referring to a vinyl record as well as to baldness in German).

Live Dates

22.06.2024 DE Buchenbach Boarstream Open Air
24.-28.07.2024 SL Tolmin Tolminator Open Air
02.-04.08.2024 DE Roitzschjora Full Rewind Festival
14.09.2024 DE Quedlinburg JUZ
27.09.2024 DE Braunschweig KUFA Haus
12.10.2024 DE Marburg KFZ
25.10.2024 DE Kassel Goldgrube
26.10.2024 DE Siegen Vortex Surfer Club
23.11.2024 DE Aschaffenburg Hell Over Aschaffenburg



Hailing from the planet Goateborg where all creatures happen to have a goat-like behaviour and/or appearance, Milking The Goatmachine were founded in 2008 by Goatfreed and Goatleeb Udder. They came to planet Earth to spread the word of Goatgrind.

2009 the band released their first record “Back From The Goats” under the flag of Anstalt Records, which were a sublabel of Nuclear Blast.

Since 2010, together with NoiseArt Records, the band was pursuing grinding world domination and they signed a worldwide booking contract with Rock The Nation.
The goats released 6 regular albums and 1 Cover album via Noise Art Records.
In 2016 they left RTN from their own wish.

2021 was a year of some changes. MTG signed a worldwide booking deal with Stagekult and a record deal with Reaper Entertainment Europe. In 2022 the first album „Nach uns die Grindflut“ was released via Reaper and reached number 55 in the German album charts.

Goatfreed Udder - Studio Guitar/Bass, Live Guitar
Goatleeb Udder - Studio Vocals/Drums/Guitar/Bass, Live Vocals, Drums
Steve Shedaway - Live Bass
Lazarus Hoove - Live Guitar


2009: Back from the Goats
2010: Seven… a Dinner for One
2011: Clockwork Udder
2013: Stallzeit
2014: Greatest Hits - Covered in Milk
2015: Goatgrind
2017: Milking In Blasphemy
2019: From Slum To Slam…The Udder Story
2022: Nach uns die Grindflut
2023: Neue Platte